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BlackJack $1

March 4, 2009

BlackJack $1

Sample #2

This “BlackJack” Maryland Lottery scratcher was found at 6:52 pm, Sunday March 1st 2009 on the sidewalk along the west-bound side of North Ave. between the North Ave. light rail stop and Howard St. I discovered it on my monthly trip to Save-A-Lot (I’m a starving artist) as it was beginning to snow. Ironically, this is only the second sample I have documented and like the first it is also a lottery scratcher…

As far as the aesthetic of the scratcher, there are no real feats of design here. I suppose the nicest aspect is the use of the spades in the place of the letter A’s in “BLACKJACK.” It’s also not outrageously over-designed with unnecessary gradients, glows, and bevel & emboss effects which is a plus… We won’t go into the type crime going on in the word “Bonus.” Why the ‘O’ needs to be so wide is beyond me.

Now for a little anecdote involving my experience playing real blackjack during my first trip to Vegas this past December…

My friend Bryan and I were on our way to L.A. when we decided to stop for the night in Vegas on December 30th. We found ourselves in Vegas that afternoon around 3pm after our stop at the Hoover Dam earlier on… Neither of us had played blackjack before but Bryan had done his research and was dead set on giving it a shot. We paraded around to several casinos that night including the MGM Grand and the Hooter’s Casino (we were curious), until we finally settled in at the Sahara where we would be staying for the night.

After wondering around for quite some time Bryan finally gathered up his courage (sometime after 9pm) at a $5 minimum bet table where the other players seemed approachable and un-intimidating. I watched him become overtly anxious and after he nearly lost it all (no thanks to everyone else at the table trying to coach him) I convinced him to pull out after he doubled what he started with.

I on the other hand after loosing everything at my first attempt played several rounds at different tables, at one point tripling what I started with sometime after 5am… only to loose everything all over again. I lost a fair bit of sleep that night (not going to bed until well after 6am) “trying to win my money back.” In either case, I’m glad I discovered that you should really listen to your conscience when it tells you to pull out of a game. It always speaks to you at the height of your winnings and never fails you. If only I had listened… well I suppose it’s a life lesson for later on. Until then Vegas owes me money, and I will have my revenge sooner or later…

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